Safety Made Simple

Last Call Could Save Your Life!

This is for the driver and the drinker. If you get impaired but still need to get home “Last Call” is devoted to helping you. We have taken the wheel and constructed a platform that ensures your safety in your driving and riding.

For the drinkers who approach the crossroad of driving or not, we say don’t risk it all and make that last call. We have a couple features that clear the path for a safe ride home.

Last Call was built to provide a safe method when a person becomes impaired.

Last Call is a mobile application to keep you connected to your trusted contacts in times of need. Through Last Call, you are able to select contacts that would provide you a safe ride after a night out.

Safety Made Simple.
Last Call is a mobile application that through the partnerships with all our sponsors is being provided completely free to the consumer .
Last Call Provides everyone a safe alternative to driving while impaired.

Last Call App - Driving Safety Home for iPhone and Android

One Call Could Save Us All


Designated Drivers

If you are impaired mentally or physically and you shouldn’t drive try our “Designated Driver” alert which allows you to enter trustworthy contacts as DD’s. When the time comes and you’re in need DD your contacts will be mass alerted until someone responds. Once your request is accepted all others that have been alerted will be notified that you have gotten a safe ride.

Manage Contacts

Add your trusted contacts to your Designated Driver, and to your emergency contact list to make sure that when you need help, it comes quickly and easily.

GPS Navigation

Your contacts, tow trucks, and taxi drivers will be able to quickly come to your aid with our built in GPS navigation. They’ll be able to see you on a map, and receive directions to get to you as soon as possible.

Custom Messages

Set up your default messages to be sent when you’re in need of a ride, or in an emergency situation. Custom messages can also be sent at the time of your request.


Use the app you already know and love for a ride home. Any potential driver will get assistance with our built in GPS navigation. They’ll be able to see you on a map, and receive directions to get to you as soon as possible.


For those who feel they would be even more responsible by keeping track of the number of drinks consumed in a night, there’s Last Call’s DrinkOMeter widget. Place the widget on your homescreen or Today View and simply tap ‘add a drink’ to increment your drink count for the night. When you leave that location Last Call reminds you to call your DD’s if needed.

Designated Driver

Last Call Designated Driver feature makes calling for a ride easier and faster than ever!


Whether you or a friend are in need, Last Call makes it easy for everyone to connect to a DESIGNATED DRIVER and get home safely. With a simple tap on a phone screen everyone in your contacts list set as a designated driver will receive a request for help.

Designated Driver Features Include
  • Add trusted contacts to the DD list.
  • One tap to message all contacts.
  • Alert everyone when you have received a response to the DD request
To Activate the DD Function

Simply tap the designated Driver (DD)  request button on the home screen of Last Call.

Alternatively, on iOS, you can swipe over to your widget page and select “Call DD” to activate this function.

DD Request Activated

Your phone will automatically send a request to all of your trusted contacts that you are in need of a DD. Once someone accepts the DD request all other trusted contacts will be sent message informing them that  you have received help. 

Last Call - Add your trusted contacts to your DD contacts list.

Life Band – The Help Bracelet


Last Call allows users to call for help in the event that you get in an accident where you get separated from your phone. Suppose a motorcycle rider is riding alone at dusk and has an accident that throws the rider from his bike. Too hurt to get back to his bike where his phone is. The rider could just press the “HELP” button on his Life Band which is paired to his phone through Bluetooth technology. The phone gets the signal and automatically alerts everyone who has Last Call installed including 911. The call for help will include GPS coordinates to speed up the time of any help arriving.

Life Band Features Include
  • Call for help using a button on a bracelet that is paired with your phone using Bluetooth technology.
  • Calling for help will notify all Last Call users within a 20 mile radius from the point of origin
  • GPS coordinates will also be transmitted with a call for help to speed up the time it takes for help to locate you and begin helping.
To Activate Life Band

Press the HELP button on your bracelet.

Life Band Activated

Last Call will receive the signal from your bracelet and send out a call for help to all Last Call users within a 20 mile radius and to 911.

Download & Instructions

  • Connector.


    Download the app and register for an account (if you havent done this right here on the site already).

  • Connector.

    Add Contacts

    Add contacts from your phone to both your DD (Designated Driver) list.

  • Connector.

    Profile Picture & Sound Options

    Be sure to add a profile picture and keep your navigation settings turned on.

  • Connector.

    Need a Ride?

    When you need a ride, you or someone that is helping you can send out a request from your phones lock screen. The request will include a custom message, and your location.

  • Connector.

    Designated Driver

    Your designated driver contacts will receive your request and can accept or deny it, and you’ll be notified once someone is on their way. Everyone else who received your request will also be notified once someone accepts.

  • Connector.

    Loud Notifications

    We have included a loud alarm notification to ensure that your requests are received as soon as they’re sent.

Last Call is available on iOS and Android and may just save your life!

Get Last Call for your phone!

The Last Call app is available for both iOS and Android devices.

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