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The benefits of integrating Moral Solutions social impact into your corporate giving will extend beyond those related to talent and reputation. Alignment with our social impact helps not only bring talent into an organization but sends signals about the companys’ values and culture to other key stakeholders, including regulators, shareholders and customers.

These benefits – combined with demographic shifts in the workforce that have already had a far-reaching impact on businesses and their approach to social impact – will likely add to the growing move toward responsible investing.

Moral Solutions is committed to providing technology to society that will change the way we deal with Social Issues. Proactively and Responsibly.

Your corporate sponsorship empowers promising students, researchers, and clinicians to explore bold, new ideas that can transform our field. Help shape the next generation of innovators.

Corporate sponsorship not only provides critical, sustaining financial support for Moral Solutions programs, but it also gives your company a  unique opportunity for widespread visibility to a market audience. Moral Solutions works with corporations in a variety of sponsorship formats, including charitable special events, and targeted campaign initiatives. Contact us about further possibilities.

Corporate sponsor benefits:

  • Exclusive rights to use the Moral Solutions logo on printed corporate materials for advertising purposes.
  • Invitations to think tanks, focus groups, and special receptions.
  • Attendance as a special guest at the Moral Solutions Corporate Breakfast, our annual special event where we announce the recipients of Moral Purpose research grants, scholarships, and awards, and recognize our corporate sponsors.
  • Advance notice of grants, scholarships, and other Moral Solutions-funded programs.
  • Special recognition at the Moral Solutions National Office, located in Louisville, Kentucky (for corporate sponsors of a certain giving level).
  • Special website benefits from Moral Solutions (for corporate sponsors who contribute $1,000 or more).
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