Our Mission

Last Call’s mission is to provide a proactive app that helps users obtain the safest and quickest solution to getting a safe ride home. This app is designed to network family, friends, and other connections in times of need.

Last Call is a mobile app solution that facilitates safe rides home for users that are impaired in anyway.  Last Call’s main feature is designed to be initiated by the user or in some circumstances a bar owner, employee or a stranger. Last Call is an app that was built with safety and responsibility in mind.

Drunk Driving as a Social Issue

Drunk driving has been a problem in the United States since the introduction of automobiles; however, it did not become an important social issue until the 1980’s. At that time the political atmosphere defined crime in terms of personal choice and individual responsibility. Drunk driving was defined as a problem located within individuals.

Last Call through the partnership with Alcohol Manufactures, Distributors and other affiliates is providing the app free of charge to all consumers and to participating bars, taverns and restaurants provide compliance training, insurance benefits and other great perks.

Last Call is more than just a prevent drunk driving app. Included are other useful features:

  • Rewards

    Responsible Rewards is somewhere for businesses who serve alcohol to post coupons for consumers. Businesses can post deals, specials and discounts for consumers of Last Call to use.

  • Park Pin

    Park Pin is a handy feature when parking your car somewhere in the city and walking to an event or different location. Simply pull in to your parking spot, open Last Call and select Park Pin from the main menu. Then mark your car at this location so later, when its time to head back to the car, you can pull up Park Pin on your phone and have directions back to your vehicle.

  • Drink-O-Meter

    For those who feel they would be even more responsible by keeping track of the number of drinks consumed in a night, there’s Last Call’s DrinkOMeter widget. Place the widget on your homescreen or Today View and simply tap ‘add a drink’ to increment your drink count for the night. When you leave that location Last Call reminds you to call your DD’s if needed.

As Last Call was considering the structure of our company, we thought, “This should be a very profitable mobile app. What will we do with that money? Although we felt we had the potential to be the #1 safety app in the country Last Call wanted the app and our users to be part of something greater than that.

Our Promise: While other apps and social sites strive to make millions of dollars aimed at bolstering their own financial gain, Last Call has carefully looked at similar apps that offer far less than our product. Last Call then looked at the price other apps charged for their service. Keeping in mind that safety should be affordable for everyone we then priced our app at a flat FREE rate. But Last Call was not done there.


Our Pledge for a better tomorrow

Purpose Over Profit

Last Call is set to do something no other app has done. Last Call pledges to donate 30% – 50% of all app sales to charities that align with our mission of helping in the fields of alcoholism-children-veterans-education and hunger.

That’s right. We want to lead and be part of the change that makes a difference. Last Call will not only continue to provide and improve technology in safety but with your participation we will fund the other crusaders that lead the way for change for many others that need our help.

Cross-User Identity

Last Call uses the latest technology to makes sure our users and communities are safe. Last Call requires a user to put in information from their drivers license and to use a credit card associated with the same user name, address and contact information.